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After dedicating months (or even years) to crafting your ideal book, the exciting phase begins now.

Our team of professionals is ready to assist you in developing and implementing a marketing strategy worthy of your book. This will enable you to disseminate your message, make a significant impact, and establish your credibility as a professional author.

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What’s Included in Our Book Promotion Service?

Having conducted hundreds of book promotions, we have refined a proven methodology to ensure your book doesn’t merely sit on a shelf gathering dust.  Our Book Promotion Service typically includes a comprehensive suite of strategies and tools designed to maximize the visibility, reach, and sales of your book. Here's what's usually covered:

Amazon Promotion

  • To enhance your book's visibility and sales potential, the Book Promotion Service includes specific strategies tailored for effectiveness on platforms like Amazon, as well as broader marketing efforts. Here's a detailed look at these components:
    1. Amazon Category Research and Selection: Thorough research and strategic selection of Amazon categories to optimize your book's visibility and increase its chances of achieving bestseller status.

    2. Price Promotion Management: Tactical management of your book’s pricing to stimulate early sales and generate reviews, crucial for building momentum and visibility.

    3. Custom Email Copy: Provision of tailored email content to engage your network, driving sales both before and after your book's release. This content is crafted to resonate with your audience and encourage purchases and support.

    4. Social Media Marketing Materials: Creation of visually appealing graphics and compelling copy for social media promotion, designed to attract attention and encourage shares, likes, and sales before and after the book launch.

    5. Subscriber and Follower Promotion: Active promotion of your book to your existing subscribers and social media followers to leverage your built-in audience for direct marketing impact.

    These targeted strategies work in concert to build a strong foundation for your book's success, leveraging both your existing network and reaching out to new potential readers through optimized online presence and strategic marketing initiatives.

  • The Book Promotion Service is designed to maximize the impact of your personal and professional networks to enhance your book's reach and success. It includes a tailored approach with the following key elements:
    1. Customized Strategic Plan: A fully customized strategy aimed at leveraging your network for book sales, garnering reviews, and securing broader support. This plan is tailored to fit your unique network and goals.

    2. Personalized Relationship Gameplan: A detailed, one-on-one strategy for how to best utilize each of your connections. This bespoke plan takes into account the nature of your relationships and how each can be approached for support in a way that's beneficial and respectful.

    3. Customized Email Outreach Scripts: Crafted email templates designed for outreach to your contacts. These scripts are personalized to help you effectively communicate your message, request support, and drive tangible results.

    4. Galley Giveaways Coordination: Organization of advanced reader copy (ARC) giveaways to your most valuable contacts. This step helps in building anticipation, generating early reviews, and engaging with influencers and potential advocates within your network.

    This comprehensive, customized approach ensures that you are effectively utilizing every aspect of your network to support your book launch, driving sales, reviews, and wider forms of support through strategic, personalized outreach.
Network Promotions

  • The Book Content Promotion Service extends into content creation, designed to enhance engagement and visibility across your social media platforms and beyond. This includes:
    1. Articles Excerpted from Your Manuscript: Selection and editing of excerpts from your book to create standalone articles. These articles serve to pique interest in your book's content, offering readers a taste of what to expect and encouraging them to purchase the full version.

    2. Short and Long-Form Social Media Content: Creation of both short and long-form content tailored for promotion on various social media channels. This content is designed to capture attention, stimulate interest, and drive engagement, encouraging shares, comments, and ultimately, book sales.

    3. Visual Graphics and Quote Images: Design of visually appealing graphics and quote images that highlight key messages or quotes from your book. These graphics are crafted to be shareable and engaging, making them perfect tools for boosting visibility and interaction on your social media networks.

    These tailored content strategies are crafted to leverage the power of social media and online content, driving awareness and interest in your book through engaging and relevant material.

  • To further enhance your book's visibility and reach, the Book Paid Promotion Service includes a comprehensive online advertising strategy alongside engagement on popular reader platforms:
    1. Online Ads Research and Setup: Detailed research and strategic setup of online advertisements to promote your book. This includes identifying the best platforms for your target audience, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, and more, crafting compelling ad copy, and setting up campaigns designed to maximize reach and conversions.

    2. Goodreads Account Setup: Establishment of your author presence on Goodreads, the world's largest site for readers and book recommendations. A well-optimized Goodreads account can significantly increase your book's discoverability among avid readers.

    3. Goodreads Giveaway Promotion: Coordination of a Goodreads Giveaway to create buzz, encourage reviews, and increase visibility. Goodreads Giveaways are a powerful tool for attracting attention to your book, engaging with potential readers, and generating early reviews, which are crucial for a book's success on the platform and beyond.

    These strategies are designed to leverage the power of both paid online advertising and organic engagement on reader-focused platforms, ensuring your book reaches a wide audience and generates interest and sales.


A ProfESSIONAL who's primary Goals for the book are to help others and career ENHANCEMENT.

  • Individuals who have completed their manuscript.
  • Authors of non-fiction works, including business parables.
  • Those seeking to publish a book of high quality.
  • Individuals prepared to invest the necessary time and resources into achieving quality.


A novelist who's Primary goal is to write the Next great novel

  • Authors looking to publish a novel or work of fiction.
  • Individuals publishing a cookbook, poetry, children, etc. books.
  • Those seeking a quick, easy, and cost-effective publishing option without a focus on the book's quality.

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If you value high-quality publishing and are seeking a partner you can trust with your ideas and stories, contact us to schedule a free phone consultation