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Hi, I'm Bill Canady.  It's great to see you!

I have led numerous organizations through their most important challenges and opportunities, often in complicated regulatory, investor, and media environments. Taking the tools and techniques I developed growing multibillion dollar companies, I created the Profitable Growth Operating System (PGOS) and set out to help middle market companies around the world profitably grow.

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Excellent summary. I can’t imagine running a business any other way now.

Monique Verduzco, MBA, CMAS, PMP

Senior Vice President, Strategy at Arrowhead Engineered Products

I remember reading about the 80/20 principle for the first time. When I ran the numbers on my business, it was pretty apparent. To no surprise, those 20% of our clients stepped up and kept us alive during the pandemic. I have no other choice than to put 80% of my effort towards them!

I also took some advice you gave me and put it to good use! Would love to chat about it sometime! Hope you’re doing well ????????

Nithanial Decker


Wrote my master's thesis on the Pareto theory and how we can apply it as leaders to drive lasting culture and productivity in teams. I’m so excited to see this come to life at AEP!

Megan Johnson-Newberry

Passionate people focused leader

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The Butterfly Effect Means Your Business Plan Will Never Be Perfect. Deal with It.

Edward Lorenz was an MIT professor and meteorologist who, in 1972, gave a presentation at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science he called “Predictability: Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in Brazil Set Off a Tornado in Texas?”  In the days long before the advent of AI, Lorenz was

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Turn around business in 100 days step 4

Turn Your Business Around in 100 Days: Step 4

The fourth and final step in the First 100 Days is launching an Action Plan, which defines the imperatives and tactics necessary to execute the strategy (Step 2) within the 80/20 segmented structure outlined in Step 3. Like the three steps that precede it, Step 4 aims at progress (not perfection) toward delivering on the goal set in Step 1. Every day of the First 100 Days is dedicated to making sound, informed decisions and taking actions based on them. Action, however imperfect, injects the company strategy into the real world, where it not only can begin the needed turnaround but where it is also tested against reality so that in can be continuously improved.

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Turn around in 100 days step 3

Turn Your Business Around in 100 Days: Step 3

All four steps taken in the First 100 Days move toward creation of a Business Plan and an Action Plan. Step 3, Build the Structure, is the Business Plan, and in Step 4 we Launch the Action Plan to begin executing the strategy. Of course, the Business Plan at this point is in an early, partial iteration, subject to change as the plan is tested against the reality of the next three to five years.

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Over $3 billion in Shareholder Value Created

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The Profitable Growth Operating System (PGOS) is a proven set of simple tools and processes to help middle-market companies profitably grow their businesses.

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