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The Profitable Growth Operating System (PGOS)

PGOS is for all senior-level executives, established, rising, or aspiring, who want to lead their organization in strategic growth. PGOS was born in the intensely growth-focused environment of middle-market companies held by private equity, but it applies to virtually any business intent on improving and growing.

The Five Management Practices

PGOS Management Practices

Strategy Management Process:

Understand the principles of life coaching and how it differs from other disciplines such as therapy or counseling.


80/20 (Segmentation):

To separate the “critical few” from the “trivial many” and align everything and everyone in your business accordingly.


Lean (Continuous Improvement):

To continuously improve productivity by aggressively streamlining processes and relentlessly eliminating waste.



To attract, develop, and retain employees with the skills, knowledge, and mindset to drive profitable growth.


M&A (Acquistions):

To profitably grow the business through the right acquisitions and strategic partnerships at the right time.



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The Profitable Growth Operating System (PGOS) is a proven set of simple tools and processes to help middle-market companies profitably grow their businesses.


Based on my 30 years of real-word experience, I created the Profitable Growth Operating System® (PGOS®), a proven set of simple tools and processes to help Middle-Market companies 3X their equity in 3 years

About Bill Canady

Bill Canady has been leading companies to profitable growth for over 30 years. Working in a variety of industries and markets focused on industrial as well as consumer products and services, he brings to the table a unique Operating System and uses it in a 100-day campaign to position the company for profitable growth. Combining vision and process, Canady aligns leadership and other critical stakeholders to earn the right to grow and then to claim that right with a 3-to-5-year business plan for targeted, strategic growth. He believes in bringing the right tools to the job and developing strong leaders and management teams to use them. His experience encompasses global public, private, and sponsor-owned firms.

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