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Book 1 of The 80/20 CEO Series

The 80/20 CEO: Take Command of Your Business in 100 Days

What if you had an Operating System (OS) that would take you to profitable growth —on demand? How many wrong turns would that OS save you? How much time would that OS save you? How much money? How much anxiety would you not suffer through? 

Available 2024

Book 2 of The 80/20 CEO Series

Earn the Right to Grow: The Power of Focusing on the Critical Few!

The reason that 80/20 is so valuable is that it is counterintuitive. We tend to expect that all causes will have roughly the same significance, that all customers are equally valuable, or that every bit of business, every product and every dollar of sales revenue is as good as another.

Available 2024

Book 3 of The 80/20 CEO Series

Thinking is Required: The Strategy for Middle Market Companies to 3X their Equity in 3 Years!

Thinking is Required details the structured planning process designed to create long-term plans to achieve profitable growth.  This process helps create a shared view amongst senior leadership about where the business competes effectively and how to best allocate resources in order to continue winning in the marketplace. 

Available 2024

Book 4 of The 80/20 CEO Series

The Golden Triangle: The 3 Leaders Needed to Win

Tripling your equity in three years demands that everyone on your team knows their role and will focus on the critical few.  The CEO must be dedicated to profitable growth; the Operator's must follow the process and the Programs Managers must keep everyone on pace.

Available 2024

Book 5 of The 80/20 CEO Series

The 11 General Orders of Leadership: How to Create Followship!

As a leader, we all face getting our team aligned with the vision. Our job is to set the mission. The team needs to figure out how to accomplish the objective. Force may work in the short term, but it isn’t a sustainable long-term strategy because it generates resistance. Working on the hearts and minds of others, so they feel they have ownership is more effective and less costly.

Available 2024

Book 6 of The 80/20 CEO Series

The Art of Making Honey: How the Keep the Hive in Business!

The Art of Making Honey is a fable about a Beehive that has recently hit hard times. In eight weeks, they have to pick a new Queen, find a new home, and expand their product lines or risk going out of business!

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