The Golden Triangle

The 3 Leaders Needed to Win

Tripling your equity in three years demands that everyone on your team knows their role and will focus on the critical few.  The CEO must be dedicated to profitable growth; the Operator's must follow the process and the Programs Managers must keep everyone on pace.

Buckle up, this is going to go fast!  

3X Equity in 3 Years!

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The key to achieving the highest Multiple on Invested Cash (MOIC) is to focus on the critical few.  PGOS delivers a clear road map to 3x Equity in 3 years.  The CEO must demand the focus.  


The team that runs the company must be singularly focused on following the plan to 3X the Equity in 3 years. PGOS delivers the tools and the roadmap.  The Operators learn the process and stay on pace.  

Program Managers

The team needs someone to train them, layout the roadmap, and keep score. The Program Manager role is tailored made to deploy PGOS.   The PGOS Program Managers is part coach and all task master.    

Middle Market Companies

Profitable Growth Operating System (PGOS) is for all senior-level executives, established, rising, or aspiring, who want to lead their organization in strategic growth. PGOS was born in the intensely growth-focused environment of middle-market companies held by private equity, but it applies to virtually any business intent on improving and growing.

The “Middle Market” encompasses American businesses with annual revenues ranging from $10 million to $1 billion, depending on the industry in which they operate. Such firms typically have between 100 and 2,500 employees. There are over 200,000 such firms in the United States, most of them privately owned or closely held. The combined total of their annual revenues is more than $10 trillion. They are responsible for some 48 million jobs, and they comprise about one-third of the annual $30 trillion in U.S. private-sector gross receipts.

Middle market is a powerhouse for the U.S. economy. Yet many of these companies are little known to the general public. PGOS will help them break through with a proven process to double the company’s sales in three to five years.

Topics Covered by

The Golden Triangle

Talent Assessment:

Learn how to assess the current talent within the business and ensure that their skills, behaviors, and styles are aligned with the business’s needs.

Determine Needs:

In this phase, you use the data from the business assessment and the insights from the talent assessment to determine what the business’s needs are in terms of new talent.


Learn how to attract the right talent that is aligned with your business assessment.  We will show you to find, attract, hire and on-board top talent to meet identified business needs.

Assess and Develop:

A strong talent alignment process will result in “ready now” talent – both individually and broadly – to support the success of your strategy.  By proactively identifying talent needs and continually working to develop your associates with the core capabilities and skills, you will have deep bench strength as a competitive advantage.

Let Me Tell You More About
The Talent Management Practice

People are one of your greatest assets and critical to the success of the company.  Your organization needs the right people with the right skills in the right positions at the right time. Creating a successful growth strategy for the business means attracting diverse sources of talent, continually assessing and developing the organization’s individual and collective talent, aligning people with the needs and objectives of the business, rewarding employees for performance in a competitive and motivating way, and engaging every employee in the pursuit of the company’s strategy and vision.

With PGOS, you can structure a super-effective talent management plan that will ensure alignment of you workforce with your strategy, improving productivity while increasing employee satisfaction and engagement.  PGOS approaches talent management holistically, with a focus on the entire employee lifecycle, from attracting and recruiting clear through to succession and retirement.

The process defines the crucial collaboration between human resources and other departments and lays out all the elements of regular reviews and continuous improvement of the company's talent management program.  

As a leader, you are not only responsible, but accountable for talent development. It takes "200% Focus" to be successful to development the team:  The leader must be accountable for 100% of the associate's development and the associate must be accountable for 100% for their own personal development.

Courage is required.

The Golden Triangle

"The Golden Triangle" details the structured talent process designed to build a winning team. It covers the 3 Key Roles that every company must have to successfully 3X their equity in 3 years.   Learn how a strong talent alignment process will result in “ready now” talent – both individually and broadly – to support the success of your strategy. Ultimately, it will teach you how to build a "Talent Factory" that will have employees clamoring to work for your company.

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You'll learn:


The 3 Critical Leadership Roles: Learn the key characteristics the leadership of your organize must have to win.  


Talent is a Strategic MatterWe must understand the value of our talent and have a talent strategy that is an intrinsic part of our business.


Diversity is an Asset: Our ability to attract and retain diverse talent is a critical competitive advantage. 


Development Aligns with the Business Needs: Learning and skills development must be focused on the specific skills and competencies our organization needs to succeed.


Employee Engagement is a Key Ingredient: Aligning and motivating our associates will enable us to transform the business and improve performance.


Everyone is Responsible for Talent: Nurturing and developing talent is everyone’s responsibility. A talent mindset must be embedded and unrelenting in the organization.

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The Profitable Growth Operating System (PGOS) is a proven set of simple tools and processes to help middle-market companies profitably grow their businesses.

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Bill Canady has been leading companies to profitable growth for over 30 years. Working in a variety of industries and markets focused on industrial as well as consumer products and services, he brings to the table a unique Operating System and uses it in a 100-day campaign to position the company for profitable growth. Combining vision and process, Canady aligns leadership and other critical stakeholders to earn the right to grow and then to claim that right with a 3-to-5-year business plan for targeted, strategic growth. He believes in bringing the right tools to the job and developing strong leaders and management teams to use them. His experience encompasses global public, private, and sponsor-owned firms.

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