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Our Eighty20 Publishing Program is recognized as a top-tier self-publishing option for authors with a ready-to-publish manuscript. We provide superior publishing solutions, ensuring your work receives the exposure and impact it merits. Specifically crafted for entrepreneurs, consultants, executives, and professionals seeking to publish a distinguished book, our program delivers the highest standard of quality for your publication.

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What's included with Eighty20 Publishing Package

Our Publishing Package offers all the necessary tools to transition from a completed manuscript to a professionally published book.

let's Tell the world your story

    The assessment encompasses a comprehensive reading by an editor, who will provide you with a summary of the manuscript's strengths and potential issues. This feedback will guide you on the necessary actions to prepare your manuscript for publication.
    We conduct a thorough copyedit and a final proofread of your manuscript to guarantee that all spelling and grammar errors are identified and corrected.
    Our designers are, without a doubt, among the world's elite.
    At Eighty20 Publishing, we prioritize the quality of our interiors. Your manuscript is more than just a simple template application—it represents an opportunity to craft a unified visual journey for your reader, spanning from the cover to the last page.
    Upon completion, your manuscript will be officially registered with the United States Copyright Office. Furthermore, your book will be listed in Bowker's Books In Print database and will receive all necessary ISBN, barcode, and BISAC codes for retail distribution.
    Our skilled copywriting team will help you create a compelling author bio and book description, ensuring your book captivates and appeals to your target audience.
    You will be provided with 50 free copies of your book, available for your use in any manner you choose—whether for keepsakes, to give as gifts, or for promotional reasons.
    Eighty20 Publishing will help you establish distributor and retailer accounts under your name across major platforms, such as Amazon. This ensures that you retain ownership of your content and all associated royalties. 
    Your eBook will be distributed to major eBook retailers, including Amazon.
    Eighty20 Publishing utilizes both Amazon's KDP platform and IngramSpark's extensive distribution networks, ensuring your book is accessible for purchase by physical retailers (such as Barnes & Noble) and libraries around the globe.
    You also have the choice to publish in hardcover. We will handle the design and layout of the hardcover edition, as well as oversee all aspects of printing and distribution. Additionally, we can assist in arranging fulfillment services with Amazon, should you require it.
    Your book can be published under our Eighty20 Publishing imprint, or you have the option to publish it under a custom imprint with a name you select.
    We can incorporate up to 15 graphics into your manuscript, provided by you. Should you wish to include more graphics, they can be added for an additional fee.
    An impactful author photo is an invaluable asset. We can suggest a professional photographer to capture your headshot. Alternatively, if you already possess high-quality professional photos, we are more than willing to use those. 
    We will arrange a phone call with you to discuss your book launch promotions plan and explore your marketing possibilities.

additional Services Available


Launch & Promotions Package

We are equipped to collaborate with you on developing a comprehensive marketing campaign for your book. Your campaign will cover publishing content, attracting media attention, handling advertisements, and coordinating all necessary aspects for your book to connect with your intended audience and establish you as a leading expert in your domain.



Eighty20 Publishing offers services to manage the creation, production, and distribution of your book in audiobook format. You have the option to record the audiobook yourself or have it done by a professional voice actor. Once completed, the audiobook will be available for purchase on more than 30 platforms, including,, iTunes, and Spotify.



Eighty20 Publishing offers a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to transform their story into a published book. Whether you are a novice author unfamiliar with the process of creating a marketable memoir, or a busy global CEO lacking the time to write an extensive, thought-provoking book, our skilled and seasoned team is here to help. We provide the assistance you need to discover the perfect words and the most effective route to publishing triumph.

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If you value high-quality publishing and are seeking a partner you can trust with your ideas and stories, contact us to schedule a free phone consultation. 

Our Process


  • Welcome Call
    You will be introduced to your Publishing Manager, who will serve as your primary contact throughout our entire process. They will lead you through the stages of editing and publishing and will be available to address any questions you may have.


  • Your manuscript will undergo a thorough review, focusing on its global structure and overall evaluation. Your editor will provide professional advice on how to enhance the manuscript to its fullest potential. After you have considered the team's suggestions, you will collaborate with your Publishing Manager to determine which, if any, further editing actions you wish to undertake prior to proceeding with publication.


  • Begin PublishingYour Publishing Manager will ensure that you possess all the components required for a finalized manuscript ready for publishing, including:
    • The final confirmed title and subtitle
    • The completed manuscript, with options for a foreword, dedication, and acknowledgments if you choose to include them.
    • Any necessary graphics, illustrations, or photographs
    • A draft of the book description
    • A draft of your biography
    • Your photograph


  • Cover Design
    The saying goes that one shouldn't judge a book by its cover, yet in reality, covers play a crucial role in a book's reception. As an author, it's essential to give your book's cover the attention it deserves, recognizing that your audience will indeed make judgments based on it.
    The process begins with a consultation with one of our designers, dedicated specifically to your book's cover. This conversation aims to refine your ideas and crystallize a few potential designs for your cover. Following this, our designers will craft a range of initial cover designs. These preliminary concepts are vital for gaining a deeper understanding of your vision and direction.

    We will then arrange a discussion with you to go over these designs, pinpointing what aspects resonate with you and what don't. Based on this input, we will continually refine the design until it perfectly encapsulates your vision for the book's cover.
    After finalizing the front cover that you're thoroughly satisfied with, our team will proceed to design the spine and back cover. This will include your book's description, your biography, and, if desired, your author photo, completing the visual package of your book.


  • Copywriting & Proofreading
    The importance of back covers and book descriptions cannot be overstated! A compelling book description and a well-crafted author bio are key to catching the interest of potential readers. Our team of copywriters will fine-tune both to enhance their appeal and marketing effectiveness. Additionally, we will meticulously proofread your manuscript to eliminate any spelling or grammar mistakes, ensuring your text is polished and professional.


  • Interior Layout Design
    he significance of exceptional interior design cannot be overstressed. At Eighty20 Publishing, we have witnessed numerous books with outstanding manuscripts and captivating covers that were let down by poor interior design. The interior of your book plays a crucial role in defining the reading experience for your audience.

    Similar to the cover design process, we highly value your input on the envisioned interior design. Whether it's the font choices, graphic styling, margins, page numbers, or sidebars, your preferences can be inspired by any book you admire. Your designer will integrate these elements with the styling of your book’s cover, ensuring a seamless and engaging reading experience from the first page to the last.


  • Publishing and Distribution of Your Book
    Your dedicated publishing team will collaborate closely with you to identify your distribution objectives and select the appropriate retail outlets. Whether your aim is to have exclusive availability on Amazon or to ensure your book is accessible on a broad array of international platforms, they will present the most suitable options tailored to your needs. They will manage all aspects of account setup, file preparation, and book uploading, laying the groundwork for a successful book launch.

Should You Work With Us?

Yes, if you are

A ProfESSIONAL who's primary Goals for the book are to help others and career ENHANCEMENT.

  • Individuals who have completed their manuscript.
  • Authors of non-fiction works, including business parables.
  • Those seeking to publish a book of high quality.
  • Individuals prepared to invest the necessary time and resources into achieving quality.

No, if you are a

A novelist who's Primary goal is to write the Next great novel

  • Authors looking to publish a novel or work of fiction.
  • Individuals publishing a cookbook, poetry, children, etc. books.
  • Those seeking a quick, easy, and cost-effective publishing option without a focus on the book's quality.

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If you value high-quality publishing and are seeking a partner you can trust with your ideas and stories, contact us to schedule a free phone consultation.