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Our leading ghostwriting service is tailored for entrepreneurs, executives, and experts aiming to publish a professional book that captures their unique words and voice. This service is perfect for those who do not have the time or inclination to do the typing themselves but wish to share their insights and stories in a published format.

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If you value high-quality publishing and are seeking a partner you can trust with your ideas and stories, contact us to schedule a free phone consultation.

Our dedication to being a comprehensive service provider encompasses not only the variety of writing services we offer but also our operational approach. Through a four-step process, we engage closely with you and our writers from start to finish. This ensures we find the ideal match for your project and guarantee that the end product resonates with your intended audience, remains relevant to your message, and achieves the desired impact.

Our 4 step Ghostwriting Process


Every partnership starts with a complimentary consultation. During this session, we'll delve into your objectives, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your identity, the reasons you're seeking assistance, and your aspirations. Following this, we'll outline our matchmaking procedure and our commitment to acting as impartial facilitators. Our approach is to maintain complete transparency regarding costs and potential results, enabling you to make a well-informed choice on the best way to proceed.


After you've selected your writing partner, we act as the intermediary to formalize the agreement, serving in the capacity of the writer's agent. For this role, we receive a commission based on the contract's value. Additionally, we manage all billing aspects and other administrative tasks for the project, allowing both you and the writer to focus solely on creating the content. Throughout the entire engagement, we remain at your disposal to offer advice, feedback, and support, and to resolve any issues that may arise, ensuring a smooth and productive collaboration.


After you choose to work with us, we initiate the process to find the perfect writing partner for your project. We transform your specific needs and criteria into a formal, anonymous announcement, which is then distributed to our exclusive network of over 3,200 ghostwriters. Additionally, we will actively contact certain writers who we believe could be the perfect fit for your needs. To begin this tailored search, we require a retainer fee that supports our efforts during the matchmaking phase.


The search process usually attracts between 20 to 100 applicants, varying with the project's subject matter and budget. Our team meticulously sorts and ranks these candidates, narrowing down the list to the finest matches for your specific needs. We then shortlist the top three to five writers (sometimes more, depending on the project requirements) for the assignment. You will receive a summary of their pertinent qualifications, complete resumes, and selected samples of their work. Following this, we arrange a call to gather your feedback and organize interviews with your preferred candidates, ensuring a perfect match for your project.

Should you work with us?

Yes, if you are

A ProfESSIONAL who's primary Goals for the book are to help others and career ENHANCEMENT.

  • Individuals who have completed their manuscript.
  • Authors of non-fiction works, including business parables.
  • Those seeking to publish a book of high quality.
  • Individuals prepared to invest the necessary time and resources into achieving quality.

No, if you are

A novelist who's Primary goal is to write the Next great novel

  • Authors looking to publish a novel or work of fiction.
  • Individuals publishing a cookbook, poetry, children, etc. books.
  • Those seeking a quick, easy, and cost-effective publishing option without a focus on the book's quality.

Talk To Us

If you value high-quality publishing and are seeking a partner you can trust with your ideas and stories, contact us to schedule a free phone consultation.