Lean is the methodology to take a situation, whether at the business or team level, from an existing state and intentionally drive it towards an improved state. This is called lean transformation.

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Topics Covered by the Lean Managment Practice

Process Improvement Framework:

Once you understand the situation, utilize process improvement frameworks to organize and execute the needed changes for value-creating work.


The people are the most valuable asset to a company and must be intentionally developed.  They must not only understand and be capable of cooperating, but also learn process improvement methodologies so that they can continue to improve the work.

Leadership and Managment Systems:

In order to drive lean transformation and ensure the focus on strategic objective achievement, a management system and desired leadership behaviors must be set. 

Basic Mindset:

Lean transformation rests on the foundation of basic mindset and assumptions about each situation that you are seeking to improve.

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The Lean Management Practice

The field of Process Philosophy sees the whole world not as a collection of things but as a collection of processes. Based on the legendary Toyota Production System, the methodology known as Lean is all about taking the processes that matter to your business and making them better. PGOS will enable you to apply Lean correctly and effectively by asking and answering just five key questions:

  • What does the situation require?
  • What is the problem we are trying to solve?
  • What is the near-term target condition?
  • What is the long-term goal for the business?
  • What is important to customers?

With those answers in hand, you can design your “Lean transformation” with confidence. The benefits include increased productivity, improved quality, reduced lead times, and dramatically increased customer satisfaction. PGOS enables implementation of lean by guiding your organization in a cultural shift that focuses on continuous improvement, with everyone working together to eliminate waste and improve processes.

Profitable Growth Operating System

"Profitable Growth Operating System: Take Command of Your Business Now!" in the definitive playbook on the structured PGOS Management Practices that are designed to create long-term plans to achieve profitable growth.  One of our core values has been the spirit of continuous learning and improvement.  PGOS adopted lean principles to drive learning and improvement throughout business. Lean should be used according to the business’s needs. When framing lean transformations ask:  what does the situation require? What is the problem you are trying to solve?  What is the near-term target condition? What is the long-term goal for the business and what is important to customers? Using PGOS and the 80/20 Management Practice, you will know the answer to these questions before beginning the lean journey.  

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You'll learn:


Learn how Standardized Work is used to achieve optimal performance on all work, provide a definition of best practice that the associates can rely on and establish a fundamental methodology to support continuous improvement. 


The objective of Visual Management is to optimize performance by creating the ability to determine if an initiative is ahead or behind and performing as anticipated or not (normal versus abnormal).


Learn how Team Level Improvements are to install a work system aligned with the strategic objectives of the business, establish an auditable framework for leadership to assess maturity and engagement of the organization and provide a transparent, graphical communication of the improvement work and results.


Project Based Improvements are initiated and managed through the project glass wall process. This is a visual Plan-Do-Check-Act framework for managing the development, execution and results of process or system level improvements. 


Learn how Policy Deployment is the check/reflect process in Hillenbrand’s Plan-Do-Check-Act management system. It verifies progress towards strategic objectives on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis as required. 

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